Today I wanted to talk about expectations and what it takes to be successful. Permanent makeup is coming out of a boom in this moment, and a lot of people were able to capitalize on its seemingly overnight growth in popularity. Which, don’t get me wrong, I think that’s absolutely wonderful! Any good business owner knows that it’s smart to follow the current demands of the market. And permanent makeup is IN DEMAND.

However there is a flip side to this. There are some people who I think have seen this and have felt that it is their get-rich-quick scheme. This is why I am conflicted about including a dollar amount as potential annual earnings for a permanent makeup artist in our advertisements for the academy. On one hand, would I ever start a new job without knowing what kind of pay I'm going to get? Hell no. But on the other hand, I am first and foremost a tattooer always. And if someone were to come into the shop asking for an apprenticeship because they heard that tattooing can make them rich, they'd be laughed back out into the street.

We are successful in this industry because tattooing is not what we DO. Tattooing is who we ARE. We eat, sleep, and breathe this work, and we don't have a choice. I'm so proud of the fact that learning this skill can help a single mom elevate the quality of her life and her children's lives. But make no mistake, it doesn't come without a huge amount of effort and hard work and frustrating clients and slow months and crying in the car on the way home because you don't think you're ever going to be able to get this. But guess what? We still show up the next morning. Then, pretty soon, you start to have new thoughts. Hey, I think I'm actually pretty decent at this. Hey, I'm booked out for an entire month. Hey, I can do this. I AM doing this.

Telling a student that this decision is going to make them into a millionaire overnight is not my intention whatsoever. But I will not hesitate to tell a student that this could very well be their lifelong passion, and no matter what that is to each individual person, money tends to be a pleasant side effect when you follow what you love. Enjoy it, work hard for it, and you'll be rewarded.

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