Why we integrated E-Learning

There is one thing that is true about this industry: it is ever-changing and evolving on a daily basis. The concept of a "comfort zone" is non-existent to those of us who are addicted to keeping up with the latest and greatest of trends in order to offer our student and clients nothing but the best.

Our industry and generation as a whole is already comfortable with obtaining information online. We chat and text and advertise and order equipment. More in-depth online learning was just a natural progression from the already-popular Facebook forums that we all frequent on a daily basis. With some of these groups boasting memberships of tens of thousands of people all over the world, it's easy to see that the demand is there.

I myself participated in an online learning platform from a popular company a few years ago. I had mixed feelings about the experience. My number one concern was that nowhere in the description did they specify that this course was for professionals only, and not for newbies. And yes, part of the requirements to pass was that you worked on live models. The thought of allowing someone to tattoo their first model without any sort of supervision freaked the hell out of me. However I will say that I saw some really useful and important applications for this type of education.

Fast forward to this year, and now our own little academy has a partial e-learning option. Our students who choose this option can go through the online modules one by one, completing a quiz at the end of each chapter. Part of their learning requires them to submit photos of sketches on paper in order to prove that they have some comprehension of our material. After completing their online portion of class, they then attend our school in person for some live models supervised by an instructor.

Our full, 100-credit hour course remains by far to be our most popular option. But for those students who are making a career change, working multiple jobs, taking care of a family, we are happy to offer this more flexible solution. We are hoping for 2019 to incorporate more online options in order to further help our students improve their work and make our academy proud.

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