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Kimberly Ellen Morgan has held a deep interest in the arts and all things beautiful since she was a young kid in grade school when she first picked up a pencil. She has since expanded her mediums to include oil paints, wood burning, makeup, and tattoo needles.


She began her career in the tattoo industry in 2007, when she learned the precision art of body piercing. This form of expression appealed to her attention for detail, however she soon began showing an interest in tattooing and the freedom of creativity it allowed her. She has worked out of Body By Design Tattoo, Red Moon Tattoo, and Dark Water Tattoo.


Makeup is another art form that touches her heart. There are few things more rewarding to her than working with another person and seeing his or her confidence soar. She has worked as a freelance makeup artist specializing in airbrush foundation and is also a licensed esthetician. Learning about skin, how it heals, grows, and changes has been incredibly beneficial to her tattooing as well.


Permanent Makeup was a natural succession stemming from her love of tattooing and cosmetics. She trained and became certified in 2014. She is now the proud owner of Sapphire Studios and Permanent Cosmetic Academy in Naperville, IL

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